Regalix Inc

Project Description

The vision of this project was to design and develop a CMS WordPress Website for the Client Regalix. The goal was to create a website for end-users that showcases the company’s services and information related to Revenue Operations, Revenue Enablement, Revenue Accelerators, and other CMS info. Additionally, an admin panel was to be created to allow the company to manage CMS pages on the backend.


  • Aesthetic UI and Coherent workflow
  • Responsive Design (Desktop, Laptop, Smartphones)
  • Rich text editing across all types of features/content
  • Integration of Elementor Theme
  • Speed, On-demand and Image Optimization
  • Scroll effect and bubble animation for Mouse Direction (Pro-Slider with Animations)
  • Google Analytics, HubSpot, W3TC, Hosting Optimization, Google Tag Manager and Visual Editor Platform integration

Solution Offered

Carmatec proposed a WordPress-based CMS website to Regalix, which would work seamlessly across all devices. The platform allows for seamless interaction and a flawless user experience. The website is scalable, with the ability to add pages and features as needed without compromising performance. With the use of the WordPress Elementor theme, the website is customizable and can be modified to meet the company’s evolving needs.


The website was built using WordPress, a free and open-source content management system based on PHP and MySQL.