Business Requirement

The client approached Carmatec with the requirement of developing a web application targeting the specially-abled children which will support them through different stages of their life and also help them to overcome few challenges (i.e. like Lack of concentration,hyperactive, repetitive behavior, being in their own world, lack of social interaction etc.). This application which will bring the specially-abled children into an interactive platform wherein they can be able to access certain modules containing the information about themselves(i.e. Personal information), their family & friends, health/wealth, hobbies, their subject of interests for studies and can further assess themselves through various quizzes/Q&A that will be added by the admin.

Solution Offered

Carmatec developed a web application for specially-abled children, using this application they can able to access tutorials for specific subjects. Admin can able to add children, their parents and teachers. Parents and Teachers can track the children’s learning progress. Parents can able to upload SWOT(strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) of their children’s, teachers can check the SWOT and provide the required suggestions to improve the children’s performance. Children can able to access the audio file for each chapter, that gives more easy way to learn the chapter.

The key features of the platform and its capabilities are

Technology Used 

Duration of the Project 

Duration: 1.5 Month
Man Hrs Spent: 300+ Hrs