Android App Development Trends 2019

March 18, 2019

In the recent years, we have come across a major shift of trend from native to cross-platform mobile app development with the increasing popularity of React Native and Progressive Web Apps. The emerging android application trends also incorporate the technologies such as AR, VR, IoT and more. Here are some trends we see coming up this year and beyond, when it comes to Android mobile app development:

  • The shift to React Native and more cross-platform development: With more cross-platform initiatives including React Native and Kotlin sharing and more app-cloud based services offering more advanced features, the ecosystem of cross-platform is continuing to grow. An example is the Google Firebase.
  • AI fuelling the personalisation of user experiences: What AI serves to facilitate users with, is convenience and predictability with their applications that is what helps enhance their experience. AI adds predictability to the routine processes, making them efficient.
  • Integrating features in existing apps: With increasing commoditisation of mobile apps, the businesses are now preferring to allocate their innovation budgets to the centralisation and integration of additional features to their existing apps over building new apps. For example, the banks in Europe are incorporating impressive features for engaging users with activities apart from bank transactions.
  • Health apps win over our data: With the increasing public acceptance to reveal private data in return of the health benefits, we hope to witness the emergence of smart health apps along with the smart gadgets such as Smartwatches.
  • Chatbots to witness significant growth in customer service: The recent breakthrough processes in machine learning have enabled the creation of cheap and reliable solutions for language processing, leading to the emergence of developers and integrators chatbot interfaces that can be easily programmed and customised to improve the performance of the applications. Given the recent developments, the use of chatbots, is predicted to represent a significant percentage of the customer service operations by 2020.
  • Android App Bundle: The Android apps of today do not take much space in your phone anymore. To prevent people from having to move the apps to their phone’s SD card, Google Google launched its new dynamic delivery model. The recent Android App Bundle is one of the most efficient ways to package the android application as it achieves smaller application sizes while not compromising on the user-experience. In the next couple of years, various Android devices will be enabled to employ this new publishing format.

So in 2019, Android apps will adopt a much more modularised format from the current monolithic approach. The mobile market has been witnessing growth for a long time now. The recent trends comprising of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Cross-platform development, Virtual and Augmented Reality, it is set to see elaborate changes. The trends may come and go, except for a few of those which have a far-reaching impact on Android Development. Regardless of it all, your project is unique and it deserves a unique approach tailored to your specific business goals.

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