6 Reasons Why You Should Use Marketing Automation

May 24, 2016

Marketing Automation

This word conjures up an image of a slick robot slave cleaning our homes, cooking our foods, tending to our needs in a theoretical far away futuristic world. With this image, Marketing Automation too seems like an ideal tool to just sit back and relax while the tool does the marketing for you. Although not exactly the same, marketing automation does make the task of marketing easier.

For those not in the know, Marketing Automation is a software or a set of software allowing organizations to communicate and nurture prospects and clients with high personalized content to convert the prospects into customers and keep them delighted. Marketing automation helps to streamline your marketing efforts by prioritizing your leads, nurturing them into sales-ready format, managing your email campaigns, providing analytics, optimizing your overall marketing to provide actionable data. Some of the most common features of a marketing automation are: email marketing, CRM integration, social marketing, mobile marketing, analytics and scoring, landing pages and customer lifecycle management. Sounds like a whole package, isn’t it? It absolutely is. Check out six reasons why you must use marketing automation for your company.

Generate high quality leads

Marketing automation can help you generate high quality leads as you can skip the superfluous data and dive deeper into the customer base with a constant communication at all touch-points. With marketing automation, you get access to a lot of analysis tools which help you understand the kind of leads you are dealing with, that is, what phase of the sales funnel they are in. In short, marketing automation can help you realize the full potential of a lead which can be then pursued to turn them into customers.

Increased revenue

Proper harnessing of marketing automation can turn your marketing efforts into a lead-generation machine which in turn can help you increase your ROI.

Increased alignment of Marketing and Sales

One of the most challenging aspects of a company is the disconnect between its sales and marketing team. Marketing automation can help you align the marketing and sales team and makes them more accountable. As there is a better process in place, it is easier to understand the bottlenecks and act to rectify them. Since, marketing automation is cloud based, data sharing gets much easier that in turn enhances the collaboration between the marketing and sales team.

It offers more efficiency

Marketing automation helps you squeeze more out of your marketing efforts. As the campaigns can be scheduled in advance and personalized emails could be sent without actually typing much, you can make your marketing more efficient without having a large workforce.

Reduce the manual work

With marketing automation, you can reduce the manual labor and mundane repetitive tasks. By reducing the scheduling of emails and other mundane campaign related work, you can free your workforce to channel their creative side and come up with ingenious marketing strategies.

Refine your marketing strategies

Marketing automation gives you a better understanding of your website visitor and their behavior on your site as you can track their stage in the sales funnel. In short, you have a better customer journey visualization. Having a better visualization helps you understand what works and what doesn’t and how you can better target and nurture your prospects and customers.

So there you have it –six reasons why you absolutely must invest in marketing automation. Stay tuned on this page for more riveting blogs.
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