Why to choose Cake PHP over other frameworks?

October 12, 2016

An open source rapid development framework, CakePHP is based on model-controller-view concept along with association data mapping.  You can easily read, insert and update data in the database for the application, as it has an integrated crud. The flexibility of Licensing, templating, ACL and caching are among the other features which make the usage of Cake PHP totally worthwhile. CakePHP offers quite a few benefits that make it the preferred framework over a number of other PHP frameworks available in the market. The number of guides and the documentation available along with this framework, make CakePHP easy to code and it improves bootstrapping process to allow for better developer control and enhanced performance. In addition to this, it supports practically any database type.

CakePHP offers robust plugins, that are useful to make the code easily reused and also, to allow the app folder to remain clean. The class inheritances of CakePHP are also easily understandable. CakePHP offers a number of useful libraries to enable conducting the common tasks as well as includes facilities to organize the code in folders and associate the code with files. This effectively reduces the time taken for writing and organizing the code.

Here are a few things CakePHP offers to make development easier.

MVC pattern :MVC pattern adds extra functionality in cakePHP. CakePHP uses a unique MVC pattern where logic is completely separated from presentation. To simplify, the View option supports data representation on the screen; Model option supports data management and the Model, in turn, is supported by the Controller option. This sequence is so very essential for big applications and websites. This coding pattern helps to separate the business logic from design & presentation.

ORM :CakePHP has an incredible built-in ORM, and therefore, building queries becomes much easier. ORM frameworks will shield your application from SQL injection attacks since the framework will be filtering the data for you.

Reusable codes :In CakePHP, the code created by the user are reusable. So, there is no need to create code from the scratch every time and this helps reduce the time and effort required to create the websites and web applications.

Easily extend with plug-ins :CakePHP allows to build on existing facility by extending the program with great new features that are available in the form of Components, Helpers, Behaviors and Extensions.

Built-in Validation :The built-in validation  facility in CakePHP eases the development. The validation feature in particular is very useful since it saves a lot of time.

CRUD Scaffolding :Cakephp is remarkable when it comes to scaffolding code generation. The built-in CRUD feature is very handy for database interaction.

Security :When it comes to security features, CakePHP is simply the best. Its core security and CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, and Delete) features allow securing the user submission process in less time.

Easy to Test and Debug :It is very easy to test and even debug any application once it is created. It is also very easy to identify the error and easy to correct it.

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