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Mobile App & Web Portal for Animal Owners

mobile web portal for animal owners

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Business Requirement

The business requirement was to create a website as well as a mobile app in the form of a community to display the products i.e. animals in this case and serve as a medium for owners of Horses and Camels to exchange ideas and information. The customer wanted the website to be made into an online portal with ecommerce enabled to facilitate the shopping of nutritional supplements. Apart from these the client also needed elaborate dashboards for reporting to the management regarding the status of inventory, their orders and their sales.

Business Objectives 2

Workflow Management System Features

  • Solution to support multi-language feature for static as well as dynamic data, using a simple file upload from front end.
  • Connection between external and internal databases using a simple front end.
  • Trigger flow multiple times.
  • Automatic task creation based on the completion of parent task.
  • Distribution of task among user based on the user availability.
  • Transfer the task to other user of the same role.


The portal offers the following modules to the users visiting the platform:
1. Article, Gallery, Event View.
2. Showcase prize winning camels and horses.
3. Purchase of nutritional supplements based on suggestions by the platform.

The portal offers the following modules to the admin users for managing the content

1. Articles, Events and Gallery Management.
2. Product and Inventory Management.
3. Order and Invoice Management.
4. User Management


Our experts conducted a detailed analysis of the client’s needs and decided to build the platform using Cakephp which would be conducive of empowering the target audience (Owners of camels and horses) in terms of their educational needs, create awareness and guide them about the common diseases/symptoms of diseases of the animals and also suggest them the best products prescribed in such cases. We build the platform as a website as well as an android application.


The application can be divided into 3 main parts: –
Website Management Section -> Managed by Admin
Website Section ->Accessed by visitors to website and logged in users
Mobile Application ->Accessed by visitors to website and logged in users on the mobile device.

Technology Stack

  • LAMP, CakePHP framework, Html/Css/JS. Android Java,JSON Parser and XML

Client details are protected under strict NDA and, therefore we do not disclose such information. However, we can provide references once you make an enquiry.

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