Top 20 Best Healthcare Mobile App Ideas For Startups in 2024

April 15, 2023

The advancement of technology has helped us uncover a lot of potential in the healthcare industry, in particular. Taking a look at the numbers and the economies of this industry, you will be delighted at how it has helped doctors and patients combat the “availability issue.”

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Now, let’s begin with our main topic,

20+ Healthcare App Ideas For Knockout Business Growth


1. AI-Driven Healthcare Apps

Every day, Artificial Intelligence creates a buzz in the technological world. A number of new aspects of managing patients’ health and medical information are being uncovered by AI in the healthcare sector.

Apps that use artificial intelligence in healthcare help analyze medical images, create medications, and facilitate medical imaging.

Highlights include:

  • Treatment for eating disorders, substance abuse, and depression using mobile phone-based cognitive-behavioral therapy.
  • Patients’ quality of life could be improved by brain-computer interfaces.
  • Provides support for next-generation radiology tools. 

2. VR Meditation App

Healthcare software developers can simplify patients’ experiences through virtual reality. New users are also provided with the best experience.

VR meditation app targets patients suffering from mental health issues and offers a remarkable experience.

Highlights include:

  • The easiest way to meditate
  • Choosing a mood is flexible 
  • There are options for listening to soothing sounds and viewing various 360-degree locations 

3. EMR/EHR Software

The proper handling of medical information is enhanced by the use of electronic medical records (EMR) or electronic health records (EHR) software. 

It Manages sensitive patient information in a safe and secure manner. Industry can reduce hand-transcription errors and misplaced patient records by using EMR/EHR software.

Highlights include:

  • Data storage for medical history should be enhanced
  • Results are delivered quickly
  • A centralized database is being formed
  • Digitize prescriptions to streamline the process 

4. Mental Health App

You may not pay much attention to your mental health due to your hectic lifestyle. As a result, taking care of your mental wellbeing becomes easier if you are connected to technology.

It is possible to address the root cause of mental health issues with the help of a mental health app.

Highlights include:

  • Daily progress is easy to track
  • Connecting with therapists to treat different conditions is possible
  • Relaxing sound effects that release tension
  • Enhances self-confidence

5. Nutritional Value Calculation App

It is important to provide proper nutritional value to patients when developing healthcare apps. It is quite a complex process, however, to develop and manage the nutritional value of food regularly.

Using a nutritional value calculator app, you can calculate the nutritional value of any food item.  Using this calculator, you can calculate the appropriate amount of food with the proper dietary values for adequate health care.

Highlights include:

  • Calculation of daily nutritional values is easy
  • Calorie counting is easy to do
  • It’s easy to boost your health overall


6. Diet Planning App

When it comes to overall health and fitness, it’s crucial to eat a nutritious diet. Defining your fitness goals and working toward them positively will help you achieve them.

Your fitness journey will be made easier with the Diet planner app. It doesn’t matter if you are vegetarian or nonvegetarian, the diet planner app will provide you with the best plan for you.

Highlights include:

  • A nutritionist’s diet plan
  • Enhance living standards 
  • How to lose weight in a practical way


7. On-Demand Doctors App

The process of getting an appointment with a doctor can be challenging, especially when there is an emergency.  Take advantage of technology to make doctor appointments less hectic. 

You can connect with healthcare specialists virtually using the on-demand doctor’s app. You can meet with a doctor in a shorter amount of time and for a lower cost. 

Highlights include:

  • Connect with doctors in a hassle-free manner
  • Read remarks and reviews to choose the best one
  • Doctors are available 24×7


8. Women’s Wellbeing Healthcare App

Women need more attention and more effective healthcare planning than boys due to a number of common concerns. It is an ultimate effort to bring about revolutionary changes to women’s wellbeing by having different healthcare apps available. 

Women may have difficulty managing their health issues when they are busy with work and home activities. It is easier for them to keep track of their important dates when they install an app.

The highlights are:

  • Period tracking and fertility reports are adequate
  • Pregnancy and birth control are easy to manage
  • Women should be encouraged to seek health care


9. Mental Fitness App

You may feel overwhelmed when you don’t have the correct information to lead a healthy, peaceful life. We live in the most technologically advanced era, so why aren’t we utilizing it? 

The goal of a mental fitness app is to encourage active living through the use of a mental fitness app. If you wish to improve the quality of your life, take care of your mental health.


  • It can be used to treat mental illnesses such as stress, PTSD, anxiety, and more
  • Mental healthcare professionals are easy to reach
  • Get in touch with like-minded people
  • Time and rhythm of sleep tracking


10. AI-Based Personal Trainer App

Artificial intelligence is another significant development in healthcare application development. By having an AI personal trainer dedicated to your health, you are able to fulfill your dream.

It Frees you from paying hefty membership fees. The AI-Based Personal Trainer App allows you to get complete healthcare training at your convenience.

Highlights include:

  • Training plans customized to your needs
  • Feedback in real time
  • Wearable devices can be used to track exercise patterns


11. Home Workout App

Through vigorous modifications, healthcare app developers aim to provide an enhanced patient experience.  Developers have come up with the idea of providing customized workout plans through a home workout app.

The home workout app is one of the best healthcare app ideas for startups. In the very early stages of your business, give it a spark. 

Highlights include:

  • Maintain a daily progress log 
  • Exercise videos customized to your needs
  • Coaching for personal health
  • Tips on health and fitness for free


12. Wellness Tracker App

If you want to check your wellness levels, you might seem confused. In such a case, you can track your progress through the development of technical scenarios. This is where the Wellness Tracker App comes in handy.

Highlights include:

  • Maintain a wellness monitoring system
  • Monitor your heart rate 
  • Lose weight with this product
  • Reading of blood pressure


13. Fitness App With Virtual Training (VT)

The trend toward virtual training is here to stay.  By simplifying complicated problems, VT is able to solve a wide variety of problems. Using the fitness app with virtual training allows you to manage all things (such as exercises and interactive sections) from the comfort of your home. 

With VT apps, you can get a taste of technology in healthcare application development. By using VT apps, you can engage in great activities without having to leave your house, such as running, riding, and training with others.

Highlights include:

  • Monitoring progress and daily activities is easy
  • Become fit with the help of a personal trainer
  • For a healthy body, monitor your diet
  • Tips on staying healthy and fit for free


14. Emotional Wellness App

According to this principle, it is imperative to think about your mental fitness as well as your physical fitness. With the emotional wellness app, you can develop a mental health plan based on your actions.

Users can use this app to treat emotional wellbeing issues with the utmost care. A psychological medical app, such as this one, can provide you with expert counseling and psychological services.

Highlights include:

  • Treatment for mental illness that is effective
  • Don’t be afraid to share your issues
  • Under the guidance of professionals, boost your mental wellbeing
  • Embrace life’s challenges with empowerment


15. AR/VR-Driven Healthcare App

Virtual reality in healthcare reveals a wide range of medicines which can help treat patients with visual impairments, cancer, autism, and depression.

Augmented reality and virtual reality can enhance the patient experience in healthcare practices. The process of CT scans and MRIs can also be simplified with AR.  

Highlights include:

  • During medical procedures, provide specialists with valuable information
  • Telemedicine adds benefits
  • For complex surgical operations, get AR/AR training
  • Handling patients with more comfort


16. Medical Record-Keeping App

The issue of mismanagement is one of the most significant aspects of everyday life. Having a good medical record is important, but we have to take it seriously. Therefore, medical record-keeping apps are built by healthcare mobile app developers to simplify the process of managing medical records.

Using the app, patients can keep track of previous treatments, current treatments, prescriptions, and other health-related documents. In order to solve their health problems completely, it helps patients.

Highlights include:

  • Medical records management that is effective
  • Sharing of essential information between patients and clinicians in a secure manner


17. Medical Facility/ Hospital Finder App

The development of medical facility/hospital finder apps is another important aspect of healthcare app development. Searching for local or nearby hospitals can be a very stressful task. By using such mobile applications, you can make it effortless.

Reading reviews and remarks on an app can help you make an informed choice when searching for the right hospital. You can receive the best medical treatment using different modes of technology and save time.

Highlights include:

  • Based on location, find the best hospital
  • Read reviews and get feedback from others to make a wise selection
  • Access to telemedicine 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Various diseases are treated


18. Appointment Booking App

Adopting the latest technologies is imperative when you wish to enhance your healthcare experience. The benefits of online scheduling can be enjoyed by patients using an appointment booking app.

It is better to go online when you have time constraints, especially if you are concerned with your health. The online scheduling of patients reduces appointment gaps and lowers some administrative tasks for staff.

Highlights include:

  • During peak hours, manage the flow of patients
  • Enhances patient satisfaction
  • Time management support 
  • Assistance available round-the-clock


19. Personal Medical Records App

You don’t feel comfortable sharing your many medical details with others every time. It can be difficult for some people to share their medical information due to personal issues. A personal medical records app would provide seamless management of documents.

Additionally, it allows patients to manage their details smoothly and keep their best care. Take advantage of technology and download the app if you have trouble handling your documents.

Highlights include:

  • Medical document management that is effective
  • Interfaces that are intuitive, user-friendly, and updated
  • Personal information system that is healthy


20. Biological Data Tracking Apps

Monitoring a patient’s health progress with biological data tracking apps helps them stay on top of their health. Keeping track of the menstruation cycle can be challenging for women. By using the application, you can keep track of dates and take care of your health.

The development of healthcare mobile apps enhances the experience of patients’ care. People can embrace positive changes in their health by using mobile app ideas for medical care.

Highlights include:

  1. Health care database with advanced features
  2. Infectious diseases are easy to track
  3. Provides advanced biological sciences
  4. Quantified self-tracking has many advantages



Finally, here are some healthcare startup ideas for founders. You can combine features, functionality, and offerings of two or more apps into one on-demand application. Feel free to contact us with any app ideas for your healthcare startup. You can count on us to get back to you with a promising business solution in the shortest possible time.  Our Healthcare Software Development Services provides designing and developing of healthcare softwares for better patient care and improved efficiency.

With our solutions, sensitive medical data is handled with ease and protected throughout the process. Whether you’re working on a small project or a large one, you can trust us to get the job done.