Why is PHP 7 a great choice for Web Development ?

April 12, 2017

With its regular updates and all the new versions coming, PHP is one of those web development languages that is always going to allure the developers. Over the years, it has become one of the most trusted platforms for the developers with its continuous research and development. With every new version release, they strive to make improvement over all the previous versions. In this series, we are going to discuss about their latest version, PHP 7 and how it makes for the perfect choice for web development.

Launched in Dec. 2015, PHP 7.x version was originally was dubbed as PHP next generation (phpng). It is ideal for web development for multiple reasons. This article focuses on these reasons that make it one of the most sought-after versions. In this version, many new features have been added that take key issues into consideration for making web development a breeze:

64-Bit Windows Compatibility

While the PHP 5.x series was not compatible with 64-bit system, the improved version of PHP 7 can even run on 64-bit Windows system. So, it is a great news for the 64-bit windows developers who wish to use PHP for web development.

Speed Improvement

This new version has almost double the response time. Due to its high speed, it seems to be much more promising for a developer or web design company for managing multiple operations while dealing with complex projects.

Easier handling of errors

It has some more specific errors and exceptions that are easier to catch and this makes it easier for the developers to help them debug the code and make it bug free.

Improved Security

The advanced protection patches like Suhosin and Hardening along with PHP 7.x version that are specially designed for web hosting environments have lead to security improvement. The key job of these two patches is to check the input validation issues that could cause many issues, which could be thus prevented.

High Sustainability

Every website needs to be regularly maintained and upgraded. With PHP 7.x the maintenance and upgradation of the application is much easier. This makes it an excellent support for the developers in maintenance and upgrading of the website.

The community support

Since it is an open-source development tool, there is immense support from the online community of PHP developers who hold extensive experience and can guide in case of an entire range of issues and challenges faced e.g. queries, training, modules, code snippet, etc.

Higher Code Standard

Four types of declarations are supported by the new version: Int, Float, String, and Bool. These enable the developers to choose from these according to their specific project requirements. So, PHP 7 allows and enables developers to improve upon the code quality and standards.

Clutter-free Environment

The latest version of PHP is free from unwanted functionalities, old APIs, and extensions. So, we can find everything relevant that makes PHP 7 ideal for website development.


PHP is open-source and so, it is cost effective. This is what makes it popular and its demand high. With this high demand the cost for its development reduces, making it further, cost effective.

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