How Much Does It Cost to Hire NodeJS Developers in 2024?

January 9, 2023

Node js is one of the most popular frameworks out there. The majority of our web applications are developed using it in the back-end. The speed and performance of its platform enable companies to launch outstanding applications. It is difficult to find the right expertise for the job at a reasonable price, however. An expert in Nodejs is needed for the project’s powerful backend.

For a remote Nodejs developer, you should expect to pay between $31,680 and $150,000 a year. Moreover, remote Nodejs developers cost between $22 and $80 per hour. It discusses why it is important to hire skilled NodeJS developers, as well as the costs involved. You will be able to understand why there is a difference between developer hourly wages.

NodeJS Developers Must Possess What Skills?

Requirements –

  • Design thinking understanding
  • JavaScript proficiency is required
  • Expertise in Node.js
  • Functional programming, asynchronous processing, and parallel programming knowledge are required
  • A thorough understanding of mobile and web delivery platforms is required.
  • Knowledge of front-end technologies
  • It is necessary to have skills in integrating modules and debugging existing bugs

What Practical Skills are Required in a NodeJS Developer?

  • A web developer must have experience working on both the front-end and the back-end of a project.
  • Knowledge of NPM and GitHub repositories is required. Candidates should be able to assemble sections of codes from these repositories in accordance with project requirements.
  • Developing server-side logic is a skill and experience that must be developed.
  • Knowledge of the company’s platform implementation standards.
  • Expertise in long-term support systems such as Cobra 8.9.0 is required.
  • Expert in developing back-end applications that integrate with third-party services.
  • Knowledge of other protocols besides HTTP is necessary, such as XMPP server/client and peer-to-peer protocols.
  • In case of a problem in the application, Prometheus can be used to solve it.
  • Applications on the front end and the back end must be integrated.
  • Additionally, he should be familiar with data storage solutions.
  • It is important that the Node.JS developer you hire has experience with Node security. A server-side JavaScript injection, as well as malware for your applications, pose a greater security risk. JavaScript is used in NodeJs to help developers keep security threads out of their code.
  • Angular, Veu.JS, and Koa are other JavaScript frameworks that can be of great assistance.

The Things to Avoid When Hiring a NodeJS Developer

Don’t limit your search to your region – In general, companies and individuals search for web developers only in their region. The minimal search allows them to reach more talented developers in other regions or countries. Technologies aren’t developed for places; they’re developed for people. There is no limit to its reach. The right developer should be hired by broadening your approach.

NodeJS programmers can be hired from any country, including the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Europe. There is no difference between offshore web developers and those in your home country in terms of skill. You can find highly skilled developers at very reasonable prices in countries like India, Philippines, etc., if you have a limited budget.

You should provide a clear and accurate description of your web development services requirements. In this way, the right programmer will be able to understand responsibilities and requirements clearly. When you provide detailed information about the job, you save your valuable time and make the selection process easier and faster.

Preparing an excellent questionnaire – You should have questions prepared for the interview with the candidate that are more specific to the project needs. By asking relevant questions, you’ll be able to assess his/her technical competency.

Node.JS mistakes – It is important that you are aware of the common mistakes that developers make when developing Node.JS applications. Programs and apps developed using Nodejs are different from those written in other technologies. A strategic approach should avoid common mistakes such as event loop blocking and not using supervisor programs.

The Major Factors Affecting the Hourly Cost of Hiring NodeJS Developers?

There are many factors that determine a NodeJS developer’s hourly rate, including their expertise, experience level, and location. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average cost of a software developer is $120-$200 per hour. In addition to these factors, hourly rates can also be affected by: 

1. Aspects of the project (such as maintenance or new development)

The cost of hiring a NodeJS developer is heavily influenced by the scope of your project. There may be differences in the needs of different projects, thus resulting in a variation in the hourly rate for developers. It may not be necessary to have more than one developer for a small project, but it may be necessary for a large one. 

The following should be considered when shaping the scope of your project:
  • Project complexity;
  • App developers needed for the project;
  • Integration with third parties is required.

One developer may be able to work on both the mobile and web versions of an app that tracks your grocery list. It will probably need more developers to work on various aspects of the software for an online shopping site with thousands of products in its inventory. 
To put it simply, the more complex and diverse the technology requirements, the higher the cost of custom software development.

2. The best programming language to use is a native one or a cross-platform one

The cost to hire a NodeJS developer is also affected by the programming language used. Identify whether you want to hire an Android app developer in India who specializes in Java or a React Native developer who can build a multiplatform app. 
Choosing a programming language for your project will greatly influence the hourly rate for hiring software developers.

3. Experience and skills of the developer

NodeJS developers’ salaries are affected by these factors. In general, software developers with less than five years of experience will charge around $50-$75 an hour. However, those with 15 or more years of experience are able to command rates between $80-$120 per hour.

In a similar vein, entry-level programmers with intermediate programming language skills (such as Java) will earn $20-$50 an hour. Senior programmers with extensive programming language knowledge (such as C++) will earn closer to $150 an hour, while entry-level programmers will earn less than $50 an hour.).

4. A comparison of freelancers and full-time software developers

A company that has full-time employees is likely to pay them more than a company that hires freelancers and contractors. A contractor could save a company as much as 50% on salary alone compared to a full-time employee.

5. Location can affect the cost of hiring a software developer 

There is also a difference in cost depending on where you hire NodeJS developers. App developers will be paid differently at different locations based on their hourly rate.

Here’s how much app developers charge per hour based on their location:

The salary rates for offshore programmers are about 25% lower than those in developed countries such as the USA or Canada. It is important to note, however, that these offshore teams may not be able to provide you with 24/7 support. If you are in an emergency situation, they might charge you more.

As a result of the low cost of living and availability of high talent in Europe and the Asia Pacific region, prices decrease dramatically.

The average freelance software developer’s hourly rate ranges from $75 to $150, depending on their skill set. If you work 40 hours per week and have 8 weeks off each year, that equates to $30k-$60k a year.

Due to this, many companies hire freelancers since there are no overhead costs. Consider going the contract route if you have many time-sensitive tasks coming up, but don’t want to commit long-term. 

A full-time Indian mobile app developer can often provide faster results over a shorter period of time. Be sure to know what type of person would best suit your needs before choosing which avenue to take, since most freelancers are able to cover all kinds of IT service areas.

How much does it cost to hire a Nodejs developer?

Let’s get back to our original question; what is the cost of hiring a Node.JS developer?

You can hire a dedicated developer for your project through freelancers, web and mobile application development companies in USA, India, and Australia.

Pricing for mobile apps and websites varies between developers in different countries. Outsourcing your work to countries such as India, Vietnam, and the Philippines is affordable due to the high value of legal tender in some countries.

Taking a look at the average pricing of Node.js developers in developed nations, here is what they range from –

USA: $78,000 – $111,374 per year

Australia: $90,000 per year

UK: $48,500 – $84,000 per year

Germany: $40,000 – $50,000 per year

Nodejs developers in India charge between $10,000 and $25,000.

You should also consider the hourly rate when hiring Node.js developers. Hourly rates differ based on the type of engagement, such as temp, part-time, or freelance.

  • An hourly fixed rate for freelancing Node.js developers with 1-2 years of experience is $20-$45
  • Fixed hourly rates for Node.js developers (with more experience) = $30-$65

Full-time hired developers may charge different rates depending on whether they are available on-site or remotely. There are several factors that affect the cost.


In addition to the complexity of the project, the country where the work is being performed, and whether or not the developer is employed full-time or freelancing, the cost of hiring a software developer will vary. For this reason, it’s important to discuss your needs with potential developers before making a commitment.

The cost of software development is usually based on per-hour rates, unlike graphic design, which charges by the hour or project. Depending on the complexity of the project, these can range from $45/hour up to $300/hour. 

Therefore, it’s important to plan your budget and estimate the number of hours your project may require ahead of time before contacting developers.

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