Project Description

OpenBeds is a provider-facing behavioral health solution for health systems, health plans, and state governments. OpenBeds creates trusted, coordinated care treatment networks—improving provider support and care delivery to patients in need.


One Application to Refer, Share, and Communicate

With OpenBeds, providers in primary care, the emergency department, and other stakeholders in the crisis management process can know where beds are available throughout the state and who those beds can accommodate. And they can easily refer individuals and help coordinate care for the receiving facilities.

  • Real-Time Bed Inventory
  • Easy Referral Process
  • Reporting on Usage and Referral Patterns
  • Integration with PDMP Data

Solution Offered

Provider to Provider System
This system will use by two types of organizations: referring organizations and receiving organizations.
Receiving organizations will provide services, the referring organizations will make referrals for patients.
Functionalities are:

  • Search facility for searching services offered by receiving organizations, and also their bed availability
  • Making a referral request
  • Referral request messaging
  • Analytics
  • Treatment Decision Support

Public Facing System
This system will use by public and out-net providers. The general public can search services based on many criteria like ZIP code, payment accepted, etc.

  • Public can make patient request or make contact me request
  • The providers can send messages to the public user

Critial Resource Tracker

  • This system can use for search hospitals
  • Can see details on any hospital by clicking the name in the search list