Project Description

Rupifi is a digital B2B platform that offers loans, working capital, and payment services to small businesses. Carmatec is proud to have partnered with Rupifi to develop the MUNAFA community platform. Our team of experienced developers worked tirelessly to create a website that will serve as a trusted source of information, content, and business connections for Indian MSMEs, supporting them across every stage of their journey. The website was built to cater to end-users, with an admin panel for the company. The website offers features such as post viewing, notifications for new posts, and search options. The website also includes post listings, with the ability for users to search, filter, and sort posts based on their preferences.


  • Easy and Simple Registration Process
  • Aesthetic UI and Coherent Workflow
  • Social Shares Integration
  • Post-Based Search Functionality
  • Integration with Google Analytics, SMS Gateway, Push Notifications, and GPS Location
  • SEO optimization features including sitemap generation, customizable OG tags, title and meta tags, search engine friendly URLs, and page speed optimization

Solution Offered

Arriving at a level of understanding of the proposed vision, Carmatec has analyzed the feasibilities
and anticipated outcomes thereby proposed to develop an exclusive platform that will outreach
the market by offering an intuitive progressive web and PWA.


WordPress, Progressive Web Application