Project Description

Inmate is an app to help people in the prison, in all the stages before, during and after their sentence. The project requirement was a content based e-commerce application targeted for USA, wherein people could search the jails, prisoners and read relevant articles,prisoners could sign-up and create inmate profiles to communicate with the other prisoners.
Relatives and friends of the inmates (prisoners) could communicate with them in multiple ways such as phone, send letters, messages. They could also buy magazines for them and send.Sending messages, letters, magazines and buying phone lines to talk to inmates would work like E-commerce. People would have to purchase all the stuff on the website which would then be procured to the inmates through their backend operations.

Solutions Offered

Carmatec converted the existing PHP site to Ruby On rails, revamped the design and implemented a single checkout for the e-commerce as opposed to their different buy option for each product. So, the team worked to create look and feel to suit its target audience and worked on the design theme accordingly for its various pages. We introduced the related articles concept and Single Checkout to provide an expedient ecommerce experience.

Technology Used

Ruby on Rails
Ruby 2.1.3
Rails 4.2
HTML/CSS Bootstrap