Project Requirement

The project requirement was to build a SaaS based accounting system for the records a business keeps to maintain its accounting system. The requirement was a SaaS model that would enable the users to access the software from anywhere and at any time online. The application would have two user modules for the end user who can purchase from and uses the system, and the admin user who can administer the platform. The application was supposed to enable tracking and invoice billing, payments and expenses with limited inventory control. The end product was expected to be a simple mobile application to enable submission and viewing of transactions.

Solution offered

After understanding the client requirement of eventually building a SaaS based accounting software designed to cater to multiple businesses for the client, Carmatec proposed to build the system as a double entry accounting tool which would utilize the accounting gem (Plutus) “https://github.com/mbulat/plutus” to carry out the desired function. The solution proposed, was an accounting software based on Ruby on Rails and the two accounting entries would be made to record each financial transaction. These transactions could occur in asset, liability, income, expense etc. Along with social media integration, basic SEO for the website was also provided as a part of the solution.


The admin users can perform the following activities:

The end user accessing the system can perform the following activities:

Mobile App Functionalities:

The end user can perform following activities using a mobile App:

Over and above all this the suggested web application was made in a highly responsive design so as to enable seamless functionality across platforms and devices. The resultant advantage to the client was seamless interaction and a flawless user experience.

Technology Used

Ruby on Rails, accounting gem (Plutus)