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Marketing Automation Services and Solutions

Marketing Automation Services and Solutions


Want to streamline, automate and measure the performance of your marketing work-flow? Looking to leverage marketing automation services  for your marketing functions, to add value to your operational efficiency and revenue? You have come to the right place. Living up to its reputation as a trusted Marketo Partner, Carmatec works in close association with your marketing division for an in-depth understanding of its automation needs and effective implementation of automation through Marketo.

Marketing Automation Services and Solutions

Why Marketing Automation?

In past 5 years or so, the market of marketing automation  has grown by at least 50% and rightly so. The modern-day marketing is all about making the most of automation services to speedily and efficaciously perform the mundane marketing functions, helping eliminate human effort and accelerating the operations.
Marketo fits the bill for the marketing services needs of all the organizations regardless of their size, type and industry. So, whether your business works in a B2B or a B2C model, whether it is a small start-up or a large enterprise, implementing Marketo makes your organizational marketing functions a breeze. It helps streamline your process of lead generation, lead segmentation, lead nurturing and lead scoring that equips you better for customer life cycle marketing, cross-selling and up-selling and it results in improved customer retention and a measurable increase in your marketing ROI.

Why choose us as your Partner?

The team Carmatec works in close association with your Marketing team in order to thoroughly study the exact needs for implementing automation to your marketing division. We employ the industry best practices to plan and build a custom solution for automating your key marketing functions. The support we provide you with Marketo Implementation is timely, skilled, responsive, dependable and friendly.
We handhold you through the process of implementing Marketo right from the planning the marketing campaigns up to the ideation and generation of the creatives and execution, post-analysis and reporting for these campaigns to enable you to measure the results. The measurable difference it makes to the marketing efficiency and ROI of the businesses, are the reasons why our client businesses vouch for our services as their Marketo Partners.

As your Partners, we ensure smooth execution of all the marketing functions by ensuring:

  • Lead list growth and its maintenance
  • Dynamic content & personalization
  • Mobile (Device) Customization
  • Content Automation
  • Deliverability & Lead Conversions
  • Real Time message Retargeting
  • Data Segmentation & Analytics
  • Design & Copy writing
  • Messaging Automation
  • Social media/Ecommerce integration

You can call us on our troll free number : (US) +1 (800) 653-2082

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