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Custom Applications offer the benefits of being the right-fit for your organisation. It about customizing the application to suit to your way of doing business. We believe that no two businesses are the same. Hence, at Carmatec, we have set up an elaborate process (our business analysis practice) to understand your business better and ensure that your application development needs are assessed in the best possible way.

Extensively experienced in working in this area for over past 14 years, Carmatec provides competitive advantages in terms of value and quality to the end customer. Our process is refined over the years to provide exactly what the customers have on their minds with an extra WOW factor. And our team of highly-skilled professionals along with the motivating project leaders, makes sure that the projects are accomplished timely and within the allocated budget.


Carmatec has developed customized applications in diverse industry domains such as Healthcare, Ecommerce, Crypto-currency (Block Chain), Entertainment, Banking, Job Search, Wellness & Hospitality, Education, Advertisement & Analytics and Gaming.

Some of the highlights for the applications developed for these domains are as follows:

  • Ecommerce: Our client is the first and the largest online marketplace in Qatar. In addition to revamping their entire system, we have specially developed a driver app enabling the delivery, which is a unique value proposition.
  • BlockChain : We have helped to build Financial Eco-System for the improving and enhancing the way a society transacts, based on the Block chain.
  • IOT : Developed an education app which works with Cloud with the help of a Master Application, a Rasberry device and a Tablet. This advance system allows the Tablet to eventually work independently of the WIFI network in local mode in remote areas and yet provide all the relevant information from the internet in real-time.
  • HealthCare : Developed end-to-end health service management platform delivering efficiency through digital screening, inventory transparency, secured messaging & reporting.

Process Followed

Carmatec offers flexible engagement models and performance-driven contracts so that as a customer you stand to gain and minimize risks inherent in off-shoring/outsourcing.

Majority of the projects are driven in AGILE fashion wherein daily SCRUM meeting are held and the project milestones are released on a biweekly basis. On the other hand, the waterfall model is followed for the projects with durations more than six months in which cas, the emphasis is on covering the functional requirements in as much details as possible and freeze it in alignment with the customer’s consent.


Back end and desktop

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Custom App Development Process

1. Estimation Process

Our R&D and BA experts work in close coordination with the client over multiple conference calls to get as much insight as possible. Additionally, they perform the market study and the relevant technologies prevalent in the market to understand what are latest trends specific to the industry. Based on the inputs collected from these sources, a detailed estimation is done.

During Estimation phase utmost care is taken to provide essential details and the efforts are split into minimal level of hours (2-4 hours) ensuring all details are covered and there is no scope for errors.

2. Handover Process

The Project Manager is briefed along with the team on the project details and if they have any doubts those get clarified by the BAs. In case there are further clarifications needed, the same are noted down. The detailed analysis of Requirements is done and a Kick off call is scheduled with the customer.

Base-camp is created for the team and the client to directly communicate going forward. During the Kick off call, after formal introduction to client and team, the clarification to all the queries is undertaken.

3. Wire framing, Functional SRS

As the first step in the development process, the wire-framing for the website is performed based on the understanding of the various process work-flows, the business model and the monetization aspect for the client. Also, the detailed functional requirements are prepared identifying the technical, business, or usage constraints. The wire-framing, mocking-up and prototyping is also accomplished during this phase.

4. UX Design, DB architecture finalization, API design

At this stage, a sample UX design is prepared for the website and the mobile designs. During this period the customer is asked to provide the suggestions regarding the theme, various icons and the color layout of preference. In case the customer is not quite certain or clear about these ideas, our team offers 3-4 sample designs to select from.The DB architecture is designed carefully considering the various aspects such as multilingual, multicurrency, multisite for accurately designing the tables and their inter dependencies. The detailed Entity Relationship Diagram is prepared to represent the relationship between various tables and their dependencies.

For the API design, both the mobile team lead and the Back-end team lead collaborate to identify the API’s needed, carefully assessing the output of each API along with their format. The various specifics impacting the performance are also discussed and finalized at this stage

5. Customer conf call, Video calls, Milestone Releases and Reviews

The various milestones are planned to ensure the customer stays on top of the project progress, is able to experience the product and judge its quality. This also gives a sense of project-progress in real terms. The project milestones are carefully planned and care is taken that a minimum of one milestone per month is presented.

During the course of project various Video-calls, Skype-calls and Go-To-Meeting calls are made where team explains the various features and functions to the customer while taking their input for further refining the product. This helps ensure a WIN-WIN situation where customer feels as an integral part of the product journey.

6. UAT Cycles, Final Release and the Production deployment on Server

After the final release is made, two UAT cycles follow wherein the customer performs testing in a closed user group. Here, actual-live customers use the product in staging environment and perform live transactions.

One UAT takes place in the staging environment and another, in the production environment, which is a pre-production-release readiness check. After the customer gives a ‘go-ahead’, the site is made live by the IT team.

It is monitored for a week’s time for the performance aspects and for any phishing attacks. This is followed by continuous monitoring on the server status and the QOS (Quality of Service) is maintained.


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