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After having witnessed a major part of the year 2018, it is time for us all to reflect upon the design trends that have emerged this year and in the recent years that are going to make their way well into the year 2018 as well. So, let us discuss some of the most popular ones, one by one.

#1: More Importance to Material Design than Flat Designs


Mobile UI UX Design

Fusing more effects and complex graphic elements into simple flat inspired material designs has been one emerging trend that is here to stay. The use of elements from ‘skeuomorphism’ such as shadows or translucent elements are getting all the attention they deserve, by the UI designers.

#2: Diversity in Color Palette


Mobile UX UI Design

Recent apps and websites feature vibrant, contrastive colors, dark backgrounds and unexpected color transitions. Color palettes are more diverse and the use of elements with shy skeuomorphic feel has been prevalent. Calmer and more minimalistic color palettes also parallely getting attention.


Mobile UI UX Design trends


#3: Custom Illustrations


Mobile UX Design


Custom illustrations are gaining popularity since these add personality and character to a design helping you build a discrete build brand identity for any business and create strong brand awareness with instant brand recall among the users.

#4: Minimalistic outline for Icons


Mobile UI Design

Animated icons have made their place in the design trends for the year 2018 and beyond. Putting motion into icons have provided the app users with more sensible feedback and hence it serves to give them more authentic user experience.

#5: Different UI patterns


Mobile UI Patterns


The use of more contextual and intuitive hidden navigation elements, placing navigation in tabs, adding floating action buttons, and experimenting with iOS’s 3D-touch technology, etc. are taking UX to next level this year.

#6: Interaction experimenting


Mobile Trends 2017

The new prototyping tools offer new possibilities to professional UI/UX designers by means of building, presenting, and testing new interactions, user flows and combinations of interactions to enhance user experiencing.
If you are considering to build your Mobile App in 2018 and want to stay ahead of your competition, you must not overlook any of these trends. Wondering how to make the most of these to leave a lasting impression on your users’ minds? Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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