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Just a quick note to say that Carmatec has become Laravel expert too, along with CakePHP and other PHP frameworks. At Carmatec, we love beautiful codes and we know that there is no standing still in the world of development. The relatively new-kid-on-the-block, Laravel is ahead-of-its-time framework that can help change the way you think about application development. Using an agile methodology, it helps us create unique value for our customers. We offer a whole suite of Laravel solutions for all kinds of business niches. We completely endorse Laravel to our users as it can help you create applications in lesser time and at a lesser cost.

For those not in the know, Laravel is an open source batteries-included PHP framework favored for its elegant syntax, robust features and easy-to-use but powerful tools.

Benefits that it Offers

  • Bundled Features in Laravel helps in easy app additions. The modular packaging system which simplify things for programmers, makes it an easier framework to work with.
  • Auto-loading facility from Laravel helps deliver automated loading of PHP classes. It then doesn’t need any manual maintenance and inclusion paths.
  • Laravel framework comes with the Unit Testing that helps avoid regressions with proper identification, making the application more robust.
  • An advanced PHP implementation, Eloquent allows enforcing constraints between multiple database objects which helps in fluent query building.
  • Relevant URLs can be robotically created which helps in simplifying the development.

How is it Beneficial for the Clients?

  • Time equals money and Laravel’s integrated modular packaging system helps save a lot of time.
  • It consists of tools which protects it from injection and xss hence increasing the security of your application.
  • Very easy setup and customization process.
  • SQL codes are kept in separate files which keeps the coding clean and making is easier to maintain and edit.

Why Choose Carmatec?

  • Our expert developers share the same mental frequencies and passion as you. This helps in creating superb application which meets your specific needs.
  • Right from the consulting to the integration, our experts will walk you through each aspect with unique insight and strategy.
  • With our “Hire PHP developer” services, you benefit from offshore Development Center resulting in great savings and better efficiency.
  • We love clean codes. With Carmatec, you can be sure of robust application with no ‘spaghetti codes’.
    Our In house key differentiator application VisionCarma, continuously tracks the productivity of the PHP developer’s productivity, performance and technical know-how.

We’re really happy to have had the opportunity to work on so many different PHP frameworks so far but we are a huge fan of Laravel. Get in touch with our Laravel experts to discuss your project now.

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