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Explore your sports business in the global market using cutting-edge Sports  App Development Solutions.





Sports Application Development

Carmatec is a leading, innovative mobile app development company that makes your business just a tap-away on iPhone and Android devices. We, At Carmatec, build creative, patron-driven and versatile programs to present your clients and customers with a seamless, user-friendly and aesthetic digital experience. We have dedicated and experienced developers, designers, QA, Project managers and Business analysts to build performance rich  sports applications with creative designs and deliver the quality application at schedule time. With vast knowledge of the sports industry, we develop scalable, robust and feature rich Sports applications to captivate millions of sports lovers and generate tons of revenue for you. Our team works without constraining its imagination while coordinating closely with you and your team to creatively contribute to building commercially viable mobile apps and serve the world.

So Why Is Sports Mobile App A

Win-Win For Sports Industry?

1. Keeps Your Fan Hooked : Sports app helps a sport fanatic to stay updated with everything about a live game . They offer them information like live score , the number of goals , the winning odd , etc .

2. Increases Team Spirit : Sports app keeps excitement and team spirit even when a fan is not present at the ground .

3. Provides The Tailored Content : People always want to come across all the factual and credible information when it arrive at their favorite game’s status . A sports app has all the facilities to keep a fan updated by offering all the data which is going on in the game i.e. live update . At last they inform the client with the status of the app like who wins the game and who loses and by what score .

4. A Strong Marketing Tool : Enhancing fans engagement is only one of the several benefits a sports app holds . It can also be employed as a marketing weapon for your company , letting marketing teams  give out targeted information at certain point .

5. The Vitality Of The Data : It will allow team to understand their fan base and also tailor a strong all -around fan experience . The backend of a sporting application can act on data quickly and give result to the marketing companies in the form of Call To Action analytics .

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get an Innovative idea on Sports Mobile App going with some of the most skilled programmers in the world.

Innovative Solution Offered By Developers

Sports and Utility App Development

We build feature-rich mobile applications for sports business and utilities. We can develop apps for athletes, sportspersons and customized sports gaming applications for you.

Sports Web Development

Any sports business can invest in website development to maintain its existence and attract the visitors. We can develop a responsive and functional website for sports. Our web developers are experienced and familiar with various web development technologies.

Wearable App Development

Wearable devices are useful for athletes as they can wear it and jog, run or do any physical workout and monitor their activities with the help of apps. We develop wearable applications for Android, iOS and Window platforms.

Digital Marketing Services

We offer extreme class digital marketing services to improve your ranks and online visibility. Whether you are a startup or big enterprise, we can improve your search and mark you on top with our extraordinary SEO experts

Sports Coaching and Training Apps

Our team of sports app developers excel in developing interactive apps that help sports enthusiasts learn a new sport with ease and in the comfort of their time.



Sports Streaming App Solutions

Streaming apps need to provide an unmatched viewing experience with high load speeds. Our team has skills to provide a seamless experience for streaming live sports events.



On-Demand Sports Coach App

We give sports learners the ability to practice their movements by taking help from coaches when they feel the need to, without waiting for their next training session.



Sports Event Booking Apps

Sports booking apps should be geared to handle large traffic and provide a strong system that is hack-proof. We have worked with clients to develop robust booking apps.Fantasy Sports AR Solutions.



Key Features Of Sports App

 Event & Booking Facility

Some apps include features that make it easy to find a partner or team member, book a venue, schedule events and more, using the mobile phone.

Live Scores & Game Highlights

Fans can customize their feed to get live updates, breaking news and scores of their favorite sport.

Real-Time Analytics

Our sports apps include real-time analytics that adds value, improves athlete performance and increases fan engagement through features such as live tracking and activity analysis.

Augmented Reality

Some of our apps use augmented reality to give fans a dream-like experience, by allowing them to play their favorite sports at home along with their most-admired stars.

Event Calendar

The sports calendar feature provides fans with information on the venue and dates of major events or games around the world. 

 Live-Streaming Video

For fans who can’t watch a game live, live streaming apps bring the game to their location with HD video.

Mobile Ticketing

We do sports app development for clients that give them an edge by presenting a better way to learn more about users and fans, besides incorporating custom features such as printable collectors’ items through the app interface.


This feature helps to make fitness fun by adding an immersive experience to routine activities such as running, spinning and exercise workouts.

Why Choose Us ?

Carmatec is an Award-winning mobile app development company with its strong presence in India, USA, and the Middle East. Our team of proficient mobile app developers holds profound exposure and experience gained through continuously working and delivering diverse mobile applications catering to the varied needs of different industries and markets. As a professional organization, we make it a point to always meet the industry benchmarks of quality by following the coding standards and the industry-defined protocols. Our rich UI/UX imparts seamless experiences to the end users.


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