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Business Requirement

QIC has come up with a vision to develop a mobile app which will showcase various products and the offers to the target audience. This will help the customers to avail the best offers provided by QIC. The ultimate objective of the project is to build an digital platform using CakePHP for business logic development along with HTML5 for UI and MySQL Database. An Android and iPhone mobile app will be developed as well, to provide seamless interaction for potential Customers and the Merchants.

QIC Anaya is an online platform that enables individuals in Qatar to opt Healthcare services at a very competitive cost from top-notch Providers. And also keep the Customers abreast of forthcoming offers.

Roadmap of the Business

Carmatec proposes to develop a monolingual (English) Native mobile application. The mobile App will work in sync with the web application and the legacy and will give a seamless interaction to the end users. End users would need to download the app from play/apple store and further login (with QID and mobile number). The user will be validated with the external/Legacy system. An API call will be made to authenticate the user. After authentication the user details will be saved in the local application.

Highlight of the Solution

The major highlights of the Solution are:

  • All the modules work seamlessly together within the suite of applications and can be extended via API.
  • Usability: The pages load quickly and it is very intuitive and easy to navigate within the application
  • Design: The design is very modular and is based on the DRY concept (Do not Repeat yourself).
  • The application is responsive and can be accessed on various devices.
  • Primarily the Customer Portal enables Customers for easy registration, adding money to their e-Wallet and make purchases using their digital wallet.
  • The application is scalable, secured and fast.

Technology Used

The application is built on:

  • Operating System: Unix, Linux
  • Web Server: Apache
  • Database Server: MySQL (5.6.33)
  • Serverside scripting language: PHP (7.1)
  • PHP Framework: CakePHP (3.6)
  • Client side: html5, css3, jquery, javascript, bootstrap3
  • Hosting Environment: CPanel


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