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JavaScript Frameworks are among the most sought-after platforms when it comes to development of web applications or websites. For a long time now, JavaScript has enjoyed the popularity as a preferred web programming language & it is going to maintain this status. This post by us is an attempt to figure whether it has a similar impact in case of the mobile applications as well. Let’s explore some JavaScript frameworks that have remained popular for mobile application development this entire year.

#1: jQuery Mobile

The jQuery mobile framework carries the ‘less code to do more’ agenda to an entirely different level. Apart from developing the mobile friendly websites, it is extremely conducive of developing the mobile applications too. It supports a number of native UI including iOS and Android among others to deliver native-like experience.

jQuery mobile framework

#2: Angular JS

Single page web apps are very much in trend now and Angular JS is hands down, the best tool to accomplish this. All thanks to its exciting components such as switches, overlays, scrollable areas, sidebars and absolute positioned navigation bars. The good thing about Angular JS is that it has all features that Bootstrap 3 is missing, which explains its popularity.

Angular JS

#3: Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch is popular because of the numerous developer-friendly features it offers such as themes for mobile apps. It makes extensive use of JavaScript heavily wrapping the bundles with native code for accessing the native hardware and OS features along with the functionality as well.

Sencha Touch

#4: PhoneGap

Among the hybrid app developers of all levels, PhoneGap is the most popular JavaScript framework. It makes use of JavaScript along with HTML and CSS technologies.


#5: Meteor

Meteor imparts a good amount of control to you over your application. Apart from this it also serves for the following:

  • It allows you to update JS code without the involvement of your developer
  • Its Hot code push function allows you to deploy changes on all mobile OS platforms
  • It has miniMongo database which is a JS implementation of MongoDB API
  • By implementing miniMongo database in mobile devices, it maintains a local copy of the data in the local memory
  • It provides mobile-to-server data communication and sync functionMore list to check


When it comes to choosing the right JavaScript framework for the mobile application that you plan to develop, your choice does not depend upon the number of features the framework can add but it mainly depends upon the true functionality of the framework and how this functionality can be implemented to your own mobile app development project. So, choosing one of these most popular JavaScript frameworks based on your project needs, can go a long way in helping you build a successful & efficient mobile application for your business.

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