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iOS Application Development

We offer cutting edge iOS app development services involving the development of iOS (iPhone/iPad) applications including graphic rich and, data centric apps; and delivering some of the most sought-after iOS application for all supported platforms through PHP, RoR and CakePHP application development. Besides that, we entrust to make use of the unique iPhone features along with the iOS. Our iOS app developers help generate innovative iPhone App as per your business requirements.
The development strategy we follow includes-

Analyzing Requirement

Gather the requirements for your application. Study any existing applications (e.g., any web applications) already developed for your company. Establish common vocabulary and learn about your business processes.

Design the application

Architect iOS application via diagrams and screen mock-ups. Define application screen flow and collect list of back-office services needed for the application to operate. Estimate engineer/hours needed to develop the application and provide written offer to customer.

Develop and integrate the application

This step involves choosing development tools based on customer needs. Regular updates with the client at each step of the development cycle.  At the end of this phase the application prototype is tested.

Deploying the application

In this stage the application is deployed in the mobile devices and the services are setup. Testing of the application is the next step and according to the feedback we get, the application is updated.

Managing the Application

We also host the application on cloud according to client requirement. Also, this step ensures that the application is managed properly by fault testing and ensuring high availability.


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