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HealthCare Automation

Carmatec provides you with comprehensive HealthCare Automation solution. Our team of committed software developers and designers follow a customer-focused and hands-on approach to maximize product performance and ensure ongoing customer success. Integrating HealthCare Automation services into your clinic is the key to improved cash flow and work flow. We can integrate the following features into the customized solution we provide-

  • E-Prescription – Prescriptions that are electronically generated, that is, from the healthcare unit directly to the pharmacy.
  • Electronic Medical Record – Comprehensive computerized medical records having easy search options and user friendly interface.
  • Electronic Appointment Reminder – Automatic appointment reminders are sent to the patient before 24 hours of the appointment. Now, appointments will be followed on time!
  • Advanced Scheduling – Creating new patient list, scheduling multiple appointments and tracking patient flow becomes much easier with this feature.
  • Patient Portal – A dedicated patient portal will help patients interact with the clinicians in an easy and hassle free manner.
  • Clinic Portal – Clinic management, patient scheduling, doctor availability, etc becomes much easier with this add-on.
  • Insurance claim automation – An easier way to integrate insurance company details with that of patient, thereby decreasing the hassle of documentation and thereby helping in easy processing.
  • Inventory Management – This allows you to efficiently manage stock levels and track items dispensed to patients. An alarm or a message is triggered when stocks reach a minimum level (adjustable).
  • SMS gateway integration – SMS gateway integration will help clinicians keep in touch with patients through automated messages. A prompt message can be triggered through which the patient will get to know about an upcoming appointment or receive invoice information.

Our scalable solutions are created to help you streamline your healthcare management operations in a more efficient manner. Our HeathCare Automation software solutions are HIPPA compliant. With our private cloud deployment model, you will have access to all the features of traditional deployment and also, the added feature of the app being deployed on cloud.


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