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Address every stage of the attack lifecycle with industry-leading threat intelligence, advanced monitoring, and incident response services.





Strengthen Your Cyber Defense


In recent times, as the accessibility to vast sources of information has widened beyond imagination, so has the threat to data privacy and protection. Hacking, intrusion, worms, viruses and other malware are just a few examples of such threats that any modern organisation can face at any point of time. To counter this risk, any organisation that cares about the privacy and protection of its data must think about adopting a holistic approach to data security with advanced cybersecurity services. The different stages of offering cybersecurity services, encompass the detection, protection, prevention and remediation of the potential risks.

Security Solutions


Right from the identification of potential cybersecurity incidents to facilitating the preventive measures to be taken on time, we provide our customers with a cohesive and integrated approach to protecting their information and assets by capitalising on cutting-edge technologies, automation, machine learning and analytics.

  • A cohesive approach to detection of risks and threats to security.
  • Offering protective actions and steps to be taken to prevent the threat attack.
  • Integration between data, processes, products and assets with real-time visibility.
  • Management of costs involved in incident response and compliance.


Preparation and Protection 

By implementing the relevant safeguards, we enable clients to manage cybersecurity risks to systems, information assets, data and capabilities.

Monitoring and Detection 

 We enable clients to anticipate attacks by identifying weaknesses in the existing cybersecurity framework to assess the incidence occurrence

Response and Reaction

By responding to the incidents identified by means of containment, analysis and mitigation, we facilitate the root cause analysis of the incident.

Remediation and Correction

With the design and implementation controls in place, we facilitate adequate risk mitigation, helping clients remediate the security weaknesses.


360 Cybersecurity Ecosystem

Equipped with specialised knowledge of methodologies and policies to enable security consulting and managed services,we are secured, compliant and competent with services that are proprietary, licensed, tested and endorsed bythousands of customers globally. To ensure adequate treatment of cybersecurity threats and risks to theclient systems, we adopta 360-degree approach to risk management .

Data Security

Vulnerability Assessment And Penetration Testing

Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing is a technique to protect your organization against external and internal threats by identifying the security threats.

PCI-DSS Advisory

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards are a set of policies and standards used to protect and secure business involving online banking transactions––thus preventing online frauds and loss of a cardholder’s sensitive personal information. EGS helps client to understand and implement standards to protect their payment system from data breach.

Security Incident And Event Management

Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) & Security Operations (SOC) provide a real-time analysis of security alerts from within an organization’s network to maintain a secure environment while ensuring continuity of business operations.

Data Privacy

Data-privacy regulatory compliance is one of the most challenging issues faced by an organization. We have identified that data privacy and security concerns are involved in the information-security management lifecycle.

Identity Access Management

In a constantly changing information technology environment and with the rapid adoption of business models (such as SaaS, PaaS, Cloud, BYOD, etc.), major security challenges in an organization about whether the right users have access to intellectual property, networks, or resources of a company have emerged. EGS provides an identity and access management service to ensure that the right personnel gets the right resources the right way and for the right reason.


EGS can provide security training to employees in a client organization. Human error has always been the primary reason or main contributing factor in disasters or accidents. By conducting security training, security awareness can be increased at the same time.

IT Operation

Security Strategy And Transformation

Security strategy and transformation refers to the establishment of a security strategy based on the client’s business strategy, which ensures that the information systems within the client organization are safe and secure from any intrusion that would cause damages to the organization. Security strategy and transformation will be built to meet the client organization’s cyber-security vision.

IT Governance

IT governance emphasizes Information Technology Systems, their risk management, and its performance. It ensures that the investments made on IT yield fruitful results, which mitigate IT-associated risks and threats. EGS can help an organization to align IT governance with the business strategy to achieve maximum efficiency out of Information Technology Systems by implementing strategic goals.

Forensic Services

Computer Forensics is a technique to examine, analyze, extract, and preserve the evidence to determine or identify suspicious/fraudulent events from a digital storage device that can be presented in a court of law. EGS helps clients to understand how an intrusion took place and who should be responsible for the intrusion by utilizing legal evidence found in computers or any digital storage media that pertains to the case.

Secure Code Review

Critical business applications are often in an attacker’s crosshairs as an attack vector.Secure code review is the process of finding weak security gaps in the source code of an application and remediating them.

Software License Compliance

Software license compliance is a process to identify and audit software and software licensing that is installed within an organization in order to assure that all of them are compliant and genuine. 

Managed Security Service

Managed security services refers to a service to outsource and managed security issues of network devices and systems such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, intrusion prevention systems, antivirus software, virtual private networks, and so on.

Cloud Security

Cloud computing is a technology that provides storage on a computer’s hard drive, which allows a user to access or process the data anytime, anywhere, and on any machine.Cloud-computing security refers to the methodologies and frameworks to secure the data, applications, and infrastructure of cloud computing.

Secure Software Development Lifecycle

A programmer usually follows a software development lifecycle to create software. The secure software development lifecycle is a structured way of taking security into account during each development phase while building software.

Business Service

Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management (or a Disaster Recovery Plan) is a set of frameworks governing the operation of the business management requirements and regulatory processes. In case of an emergency, an organization is able to respond quickly to ensure that critical business functions continue without disruption.

IT Risk Management

Information Technology Risk Assessment is a methodology that reviews the possible threats and risks posed to your organization. Organizations perform IT risk assessment to identify, assess, and change their security posture to enhance their operations and defend from attackers.

Vendor Risk Management

A majority of organizations are highly dependent on third-party vendors for services in order to save costs and raise the quality of service.Implementing a sustainable and scalable vendor management program ensures that all vendor-related risks are mitigated and vendor management processes are well defined as per industry-leading practices.

Cybersecurity Posture Assessment

Cyber-security posture assessment refers to a methodology that transforms and enhances an organization’s risk management capabilities. By performing cyber-security posture assessment, a client organization will have a clear view of the security status and possible security threats within the organization can be identified.

Revenue Assurance

Revenue assurance as a service is often undertaken by the telecommunications sector to improve profits by analyzing the data quality and improving the process

ISO 27001 Advisory

The Information Security Management System (ISMS) is a structured approach to maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability of an organization’s information assets. The ISO 27001:2013 standard is the world’s leading standard adopted by organizations for the implementation of ISMS.

Why Cyber Security Is Important ?

 For defending your business interests against threats, here are some benefits of opting for our specialised cybersecurity services:


We ensure strict adherence to the regulatory framework for 100% compliance

Security Measure

Our team is adept in undertaking the strictest and the most robust security measures.


Our team is equipped with elaborate technical and domain expertise.


We employ the most cutting-edge technologies.

Time and Focus

As we fulfil your cybersecurity needs, you get all the time to focus on your core business operations.

Round-the-clock Support

We offer 24*7 monitoring, updates, security assessments, audits and emergency responses.

Industries We Cater


  • BFSI
  • Telecom & IT
  • Govt & Public Sector
  • Manufacturing & Industrial Products
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Insurance
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Automobiles

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