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AIAF Award March 9th 2013 - India Habitat Center, Lodhi Road

Aromal Rajagopal, CEO, Carmatec IT Solutions Pvt Ltd accepting the award from Prof. SS Bhakri, Director, Institute of UN and UNESCO Studies.

Aimed at contributing to the economic growth and social development of the country, AIAF (All India Achievers Foundation) has been recognizing the sincere efforts of individuals as well as institutions and organizations to take India to newer heights with each passing day.

AIAF is the amalgamation of economic, political, business, professional and other leaders of the Indian community which identifies and discusses the key obstacles of Indian economic agenda.

The dais set up for the 70th National Seminar on National Economic Development and Social Development, had dignitaries of state & embassies. The event was organized at India Habitat Center, Lodhi Road, New Delhi on March 9th, 2013. Those present were, His Excellency Samuel Mbambo (High Commissioner of Namibia) , Ved Prakash (AICC Secretary), Bhishma Narayan Singh(Ex-Cabinet Minister / Ex-Governor), Rajnan Uberoi, (Secretary General IEDRA- Indian Economic Development & Research Association) and, Prof.S.S.Bhakri ,Director, Institute of UN and UNESCO Studies.

Aromal Rajagopal after winning the Indian leadership award for Industrial Contribution said “This award is not just for me, it is for everyone who toils hard to achieve the unexpected in Carmatec”. Carmatec IT Solutions Pvt Ltd is a pioneer IT solutions expert and has over 10 years’ experience in delivering quality IT services.

Carmatec IT Solutions Pvt Ltd offers a plethora of services under the brands- InstaCarma(, RailsCarma(, ColorCuboid (, CodeWebber ( and Servermascot ( In addition to being a market leader in providing quality web hosting solutions, we also provide web design and development solutions. Our application and web development services using RoR , CakePHP and PHP are highly sought after by those requiring highly tailor made software solutions.

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